Our printing fulfilment solution is ideal for franchises and companies which:

  • Offer a large volume of products that require a high level of brand control.
  • Want a co-branded and supported website to host their print collateral.
  • Have a 1,000+ sales force, central communication.

A co-branded website for hosting collateral

Discounted pricing

Account management and promotional support

Detailed monthly reporting and analysis

Special promotional opportunities

Direct delivery and delivery promotions

Here are some frequently asked questions:

How much does marketing centre partnership cost?

The marketing center partnership has an annual recurring fee of INR 10000/- for creating & maintaining your portal. It will include replication of portal with products of your choice. Vistaprint may recommend security deposit on case to case basis.

Are there revenue minimums?

Our partners bring in minimum 260000/- per month.

What happens if I don’t meet the minimum bookings?

We offer a three-month grace period. If minimums are not met, the portal receives no maintenance.

What is my discount?

Every account starts with either 12% discount sitewide or 12% commission on all purchases made on the portal. Two offers cannot be clubbed while ordering under MCP program.

Are there reports of how we are doing?

Yes. We provide a detailed report on the back end of the portal where you can view bookings by date and user.

Can I have multiple admins?

Yes. You may have multiple page admins. Just contact your account manager to set up a new admin.

What promotions do you offer?

Any coupon for Vistaprint.in is valid on the portal. We can also create custom coupons and promotions upon request for partners who meet certain revenue thresholds.

Does Vistaprint offer custom design services, e.g. can Vistaprint design my business cards?

No. All designs must be submitted in their final form. You may, however, design your materials on Vistaprint.in and send us the document ID number once the item has been saved to your portfolio.

How long does it take to get set up?

A new portal takes 7-10 business days to setup from when we receive all completed artwork. Any changes or updates to the site take 7-10 business days.