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Keep moisture out with custom branded stand-up pouch with zipper.

Seal, stand up & stand out

Looking for a way to present your goods in an eye-catching way? Whether you sell pet food, tea leaves or anything in between, our flexible stand-up pouch packaging bags will seal your products up tight and protect them from the outside world. With your custom design on them, these self-standing brown paper pouches will help your product stand out on the counter and table displays.

Options to set your packaging apart

Choose from a variety of sizes to find the one that suits your dry, wet, powdered or confectionery packaging needs. These custom printed stand up pouches come with zipper, and 1 pack includes 100 pouches.

Easy design experience

Ready to start designing your pouch bags? Upload your own design, Logo or Text and create a one-of-a-kind design for you. Next, review your design to make sure it's just right before we take care of the rest. Your stand-up pouches will arrive printed and opened at the top. When you fill your pouch and heat-seal to close, your product will be ready to impress.

Frequently asked questions

1) What can I pack inside my paper stand-up pouches?

A: These multipurpose stand-up pouches are great for:

  • Tea.
  • Health & beauty: scrubs, shampoo, lotions, liquid soap and other cosmetics.
  • Supplements: vitamins, oil capsules, protein powder and more.
  • Food & drink: fruits, nuts, cereals, dairy, herbs, spices, cured meat, smoothies, juices and even frozen food.
  • Pet food: dry and wet food.

2) Does your standup pouch packaging help extend the life of products?

A: Yes. The zipper will block moisture and oxygen, which helps keep the product fresh.

3) Can I print on both sides of my brown stand-up pouch?

A: Yes, you can print on the front and the back of the pouch.

4) What is the minimal quantity I can order for ziplock stand up pouches?

A: The minimum quantity order is 100 stand-up pouches. (1 pack includes 100 pouches)