Floor Stickers - Social Distancing

Easiest way to implement Social distancing at your workplace.

• Pre-Printed Social Distancing floor stickers. Instant Checkout
• Slip-resistant & Water resistant
• Adheres to smooth, flat surfaces

Looking for a customizable option? Custom Floor Decals

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Implement social distancing using floor stickers.

Convey important safety information and remind customers or staff to keep their distance with easy-to-spot floor stickers. They’re designed to easily stick to flat surfaces like tile, concrete, granite. Our floor stickers are durable enough to withstand foot traffic, yet thin enough to be comfortable to step on. Apply your custom floor stickers on a clean and flat surface to help raise awareness and create personal space.

How to paste sticker over surface ?

1. Clean the surface where you need to place sticker 
2. Do not apply sanitiser or alochol based liquid to clean 
3. Remove the paste sticker starting from one side  
4. Smooth out air bubbles, if any 

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