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Basic Pocket Stamps


Basic Pocket Stamps - 36 x 12 mm

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A small stamp that is easy to carry & fits your pocket.

  • No stamp pad needed. 5000 impressions.
  • For consistent impressions, you will need to apply pressure uniformly over product
  • Snap open design. Body colour can be Blue, Black or Red.

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  Qty Price
  1 ₹ 200    
  2 ₹ 350    
  3 ₹ 450    
  4 ₹ 600    
  5 ₹ 750    
  6 ₹ 900    
  7 ₹ 1,050    
  8 ₹ 1,200    
  9 ₹ 1,350    
  10 ₹ 1,500    
Blue Ink
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Impression Size

36 x 12 mm
425 x 142 pixels

Ink Colour: Ink Colour: Choice of Blue, Black & Red
  • 36 x 12 mm stamp: Can accommodate 2 to 3 lines of text. Perfect for Documents, Receipts, Addresses and more.
  • 57 x 21 mm stamp: Can accommodate 3 to 4 lines of text. Perfect for Signatures, Addresses with logo and more.
  • Ensure the design/font is bold. Minimum font size for Large Stamp is 12 pt. & for Small Stamp is 10 pt.
  • Make sure that the images/logos are black & white and not color or images with gray scale, shadows etc.
  • Please bear in mind, large areas of solid coverage may not work well when stamped, the ink may become uneven or inconsistent.
  • Make sure that photographs and 3D artwork are not uploaded.
  • Ensure that the image is high-resolution.

Casing: Plastic
Printable Area
Safe Margin
Bleed Area
Printable Area Size
36 x 12 mm
425 x 142 pixels
* Finished artwork should use the printable area dimensions for best results.
* Please be sure to keep all text and photos within the safe cutting margin.
300 DPI