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Stamps & Ink

Why write it when you can stamp it?
Save time and money with our broad selection of personalised stamps.

Self-Inking Stamps

Custom Stamps
Classic self-inking stamp available in 2 sizes.
Ensure the design is bold.
Minimum font size:
Large : 12 pt
Small : 10 pt

Self-Inking Signature Stamps

Self-Inking Signature Stamps
Self-inking, Ideal for signing cheques & documents.

Ensure the signature lines are crisp and drawn by a thick & bold black marker.

Basic Pocket Stamps

Basic Pocket Stamps
Self-inking, easy to carry & fits in the pocket.

Ensure the design/font is bold. Minimum font size is 10 pt.

Replacement Ink Pads

Replacement Ink Pads for Rubber Stamps
No need to replace your trusty stamp when you can order ink refill pads.