Square Visiting Cards

Make your unique business stand out
• Dimensions : 63.5 x 63.5 mm
• A unique look, great for featuring logos or photos

Choose bold fonts size 10 and above when using white text.

Cash on Delivery available
Paper stock
Velvet touch
Paper Quality
Square (2.5" x 2.5")
Price ₹ 200.00 ...

Product Specifications

Materials, bleeds, margins, etc.

A unique look. A can’t-miss card.

You and your business are unique, so you deserve a unique visiting card! Our square visiting cards (63.5 x 63.5 mm) have a unique look (and feel) that sets them apart from standard shapes. They’ve got a great layout for showcasing your product photos or logo, and they help give your company an interesting & creative vibe.

Choosing your stock

  • Premium Glossy (350 gsm) : Light-catching gloss that complements vivid designs. Feels slick front & back. Best for vibrant designs. Avoid using for white designs. 
  • Standard Matte (350 gsm) : Coated, smooth feel and easy readability. Feels varnished front & back. Best for light-coloured designs. Avoid using for designs with dark & vibrant colours. 
  • Premium Matte (320 gsm) : Japanese Ivory Kentex paper with a stiff and smooth matte surface. Ideal for designs with deep & rich colours. Avoid for designs with fine details.
  • Premium Linen (280 gsm) : Elegant, textured paper with a rich feel. Feel lightly woven. Best for designs that use less ink. Avoid using for dark designs and for all-over printing.
  • Premium Velvet touch (350 gsm) : Smooth & velvety coating that feels unique. Great for colourful or darker designs. Avoid using for mostly white or light-coloured designs.
  • Premium Pearl (250 gsm) :  Gentle shimmer cream coloured paper with a smooth, polished feel.
  • Real White (300 gsm) :  Versatile bright white paper with matte finish and a smooth front and back. Best for designs with white spaces & solid colour backgrounds. Avoid colour-rich designs with no white spaces.

Tips for a professional look
• Be sure to include your name, designation and contact info.
• For readability, don’t go any smaller than 10-point font.
• Have some white space, so your design isn’t cluttered.

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