Bring in new customers with these rate cards

This marketing all-rounder offers a sleek layout that’s well-suited to price lists, takeaway menus, events calendars and loads more.

You needn’t rack your brains for design inspiration either - just pick one of our templates (or upload your own) & add your message.

Get the most out of your rate cards with these tips:

  • Keep the front side simple. Include an enticing headline and tagline, but don’t overwhelm readers with too much text.

  • Define your target audience. What do they want to know? What are their motivations and fears? Once you know your customers’ needs, you’ll know what information to include in your rate card.

  • Bullet points and benefits. It’s good practice to use the reverse side of your rate cards to communicate some of the key benefits you offer. Bullet points make this information easy to digest.

  • Use inspirational imagery. An attractive, relevant photo will help your rate card stand out as well as conveying the benefits of your product or service. Make sure it’s high resolution so it prints well and reflects the quality of your business.

  • Tell readers what to do next. This is your call to action and it’s an essential element of any rate card. Whether it’s calling for a quote or visiting your website, the next step should be stated clearly.

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Rate Cards

Vistaprint offers Rate Cards design templates in assorted styles.