Tell your story in full detail with personalized booklets.

Custom booklets are a resourceful way to provide essential details about your business in a compact format. A sales booket is an effective marketing medium if you’re looking to create a product catalog, instruction guide, training manuals or even a storybook. The stapled binding makes them sturdy enough to hand out at events or pack them with giveaways. Be it a product catalog, training manual, instruction guide, or a brochure entailing service details, you can use these personalised booklets as hand outs in your upcoming marketing and networking event or expo.

To avail personalized booklets, start designing by uploading your PDF. You can also choose to download our Illustrator or Photoshop template to guide you through the design process. Follow key guidelines need to be followed to ensure that you receive top-class finished product.

Follow these File Format, Layout & Booklet Cover Guidelines:

For a successful print, we recommend following these upload specifications.

  • Format: Your file must be in PDF format without any password protection.
  • Layout: Ensure that your file comes in single pages, arrange in the right sequence / order. Your PDF should contain all the pages including four cover pages.
  • Blank Pages: Add blank pages to the PDF to ensure your sales booklet has blank pages on the insides of the cover.

Important info about page counts:

One side of a piece of paper is what we call a “page.” Your booklet will always include four cover pages. For instance, an 8-page booklet includes both sides of your front cover and both sides of your back cover. It also has 4 additional pages inside.

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