Self-inking Pocket Stamps – A handy solution for stamping jobs

Quick and easy to use, pocket stamps are the perfect on-the-go solution to authenticate documents, receipts, addresses and more. Suited for entrepreneurs, business owners, freelancers, and professionals, at Vistaprint, you can choose to customize your pocket stamp online hassle-free.

Looking for an affordable Pocket stamp maker online? Pocket stamps by Vistaprint are economical & portable that fit comfortably in your pocket. What’s great is that you don’t require an additional stamp pad to work with these personalised pocket stamps. Ourself-inking pocket stamp offers a total of 5000 perfect impressions, comes with a plastic casing with blue ink and is ideally a 1.2 x 3.6 cm stamp that can accommodate 2 to 3 lines of text.

Here’s how you can customize your pocket stamp maker online at Vistaprint - Head to the design gallery by clicking on ‘Start designing’ above where you can choose from several pre-made designs and templates. Simply, pick a design of your choice, or upload your complete artwork. When customizing, you can choose from a range of fonts, texts and styles of your choice when designing your pocket rubber stamps. Rightly sourced from the best and customized from the comfort of your home, these pre-inked pocket stamps will be delivered to your doorsteps at a click of a button.

Design Guidelines for Stamps:

  1. Simple designs look better on stamps. Avoid detailed artwork and tiny text on stamps.
  2. Logos and text will work best. Simple elements, clean lines. Use high-resolution images.
  3. Do not upload scanned stamp impressions, photos of handwritten texts, photographs, human faces, screenshots, or copyright content.
  4. Do not overlap images or text while uploading.
  5. Pocket stamps can accommodate a maximum 3 lines of text but ideal for 1 line of text for best results; adding multiple lines can make your stamp impression tiny and smudgy.
  6. For best results, ensure the font is in bold and follow the minimum font size requirement of 10 pt.

Product Dimensions(lwh) (For Base): 2.5cm x 2.2cm x 7.2cm

Tips for Best Quality Logo & Text -

  • Ensure the design / font is bold. Minimum font size for Pocket Stamp is 10 pt.
  • Make sure that the images / logos are black & white and not color or images with gray scale, shadows etc.
  • Please bear in mind, large areas of solid coverage may not work well when stamped, the ink may become uneven or inconsistent.
  • Do not upload photographs of existing stamp or handwritten text and 3D artwork.
  • Ensure that the image is high-resolution.

Vistaprint India customizes all its products in facilities located within India. Some of our raw materials, intermediate components, and consumables used in the manufacturing of the final product could be from one or more countries. As we follow Global Sourcing, one product is likely to have a different country of origin depending on the batch sold.

Country of origin: China

Vistaprint offers Pocket Stamps design templates in assorted styles.