Print custom labels to give products a polished look.

Show your customers the care and attention to detail that goes into every one of the products you sell. Custom product labels do so much more than just look professional: they're an invaluable way to help people decide whether you and your products are right for them. List the ingredients used in your food or bath and body products, list directions on bags and bottles, or keep it super simple by adding your logo and the name of the product. Whatever you're selling, our full-color digital printing technology - and an assortment of size, design and material options - makes it easy to create a clear, attractive and functional label.

Choose the right size for your need

Round Labels:

  • Small - Brand your products with these circular product labels that are 3.8 cm in diameter. Their petite size makes them perfect for a logo, initials or company name.
  • Large - Save money by purchasing generic packaging labels. The 7.6 cm diameter makes them large enough for you to add your contact info or a special offer.

Oval Labels:

  • Small - These sleek little labels come in a 7.6 x 5.1 cm size that's perfect for organising or branding products or personal items. Stick them on individual items, boxes, bags and more.
  • Large - Make your merchandise stand out with these large 12.7 x 7.6 cm oval labels. Add your logo and company info for a branded look, or design for use at home.

Rounded Rectangle Labels:

  • Small - These 8.7 x 4.9 cm rectangle labels are perfect for gift bags and boxes. Add your logo for a professional look and your contact or personal info.
  • Large - Makes it easy for customers to identify your products and merchandise. These 10.2 x 7.6 cm labels can be used to name individual items, packaging and more.

Number of Labels per Sheet:

  • Circle Small Labels: 1 Sheet of 24 Labels

  • Circle Large Labels: 1 Sheet of 6 Labels

  • Oval Small Labels: 1 Sheet of 10 Labels

  • Oval Large Labels: 1 Sheet of 4 Labels

  • Rounded Rectangle Small Labels: 1 Sheet of 10 Labels

  • Rounded Rectangle Large Labels: 1 Sheet of 4 Labels

Choosing your Paper Stock:

  • Matte (88 gsm): Traditional, budget friendly option with an uncoated finish, making your stickers look smooth. Best suited for indoor use
  • Glossy (88 gsm) : Oil and water-resistant material that is great for packaging and outdoor use. Shiny and reflective finish, adding richness to your design.

Vistaprint India customizes all its products in facilities located within India. Some of our raw materials, intermediate components, and consumables used in the manufacturing of the final product could be from one or more countries. As we follow Global Sourcing, one product is likely to have a different country of origin depending on the batch sold.

Country of origin: India

Product & Packaging Labels

Vistaprint offers Product & Packaging Labels design templates in assorted styles.