Brochures: An Organised, Effective Way to Share Information & Market Your Business for Lead Generation.

Revolutionise your brand's communication strategy with our custom bifold and trifold brochure maker. Opt for brochure printing online to tailor business brochures that effectively convey essential information, highlight your products, and bolster brand visibility. A brochure is a dynamic marketing tool for a small business owner to leave a lasting impression.

What can you use a brochure for?

Create and print a bi-fold or tri-fold brochure with our online brochure maker. This tool enhances your marketing pitch, whether you're using it as a standalone tool or supplementing a verbal presentation to potential customers. Whether you're talking about a single product or selling your company & brand, our online brochure printing services is ideal. You can leave a brochure behind, place it on display, hand it directly to customers, or send it through a direct marketing campaign.

How do you pick between Bi-fold & Tri-fold brochures?

Bi-fold & Tri-fold brochures, available through our catalogue printing services, have unique selling points (USPs) and can be chosen based on your objective of designing a business brochure. Here are a few reasons to make it an easier choice.

Go for a Tri-fold brochure when:

  • You want to cover multiple aspects or products of your business using our tri-fold brochure design.
  • You wish to showcase a lot of information & detail
  • You like to show a series of steps & processes involved

Go for a Bi-fold brochure when:

  • You're using large graphics & images to showcase your products & services with our bifold brochure design.
  • You want photography to take the spotlight in your brochure design.
  • You aim to provide product guides & comparisons.

Essential Tips for Effective Brochure Design:

  1. Clarity is Key: Use clear, straightforward, and easy-to-understand language while designing using our brochure maker. Opt for short, direct sentences to ensure your message is clear and impactful.
  2. Personalise Your Approach: Address your customers directly, avoiding third-person references to your business. This fosters a more personal and engaging connection with your audience.
  3. Review Thoroughly: Before finalising, read your brochure aloud. This practice helps identify complex sentence structures, paragraphs that are challenging to read, and any typographical errors.
  4. Leverage Professional Templates: To enhance the effectiveness of your brochures, we offer over 3,500 professionally designed templates. These are crafted to maximise the impact and value of your content.
  5. Select the Right Paper: Choosing paper is crucial in brochure design. At Vistaprint, we recommend our 148 gsm Glossy paper for brochure printing. It's a popular, reliable choice that excellently showcases vibrant colours and large photographs, ensuring your brochures look their best.

Expert Strategies to maximise Your Brochure's Impact:

  1. Strategic Distribution: Identify businesses with a similar customer base and arrange to display your brochures at their locations. This cross-promotion can significantly expand your reach.
  2. Leverage Customer Interactions: Incorporate brochures into your customer giveaways or leave them with clients post-meetings. Handing out brochures before business presentations can also effectively prime your audience.
  3. Utilise Networking Events: Brochures are invaluable at trade shows, exhibitions, seminars, meetings, and conferences. They effectively convey extensive information quickly and in a compact format, making the most of the limited time and space these events often provide.

Our user-friendly brochure maker empowers you to craft a unique narrative effortlessly. Whether you prefer pre-designed company brochure templates or want to upload your distinctive design elements, such as logos and essential information, our platform facilitates seamless customisation. Ensure a consistent and professional brand image with personalised business brochures that speak to your audience across all channels.

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