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We’ve created special design collections for some of our most popular industries.

Take your business mail and product packaging to the next level with custom labels printing.

When it comes to building a brand – getting it seen and remembered – custom labels are an invaluable piece of the puzzle. They’re often the detail that catches a shopper’s eye on a shelf. They provide information that makes someone feel ready to buy. And sometimes they’re that seemingly little pop of personality that sets you apart – the professional touch that helps a customer choose you over the competition.

Building a solid brand is all about these moment-by-moment customer connections, and professional business labels are a great way to get there. That’s why VistaPrint is ready with a range of personalized labels, each of which you can use to create your best look in the mail, on shelves and at your next event. You’ll find industry-specific custom labels designs and materials at VistaPrint. Whatever you need for your labels printing, we’re here to help.

Frequently asked questions

A: Your key first step is to think about your product, its features and the material that will be the best match. Paper labels can work really well for dry goods and boxes, for example, while waterproof labels are designed to withstand liquid, oil and condensation. VistaPrint has a wide variety of options, to help you pick the right material, size and more. As you create your personalized labels, you’ll be able to upload your own design and perfect I tin our design studio. In many cases, you’ll also have a chance to explore our template galleries, with designs for customizable business labels in a wide range of industries. After you’ve perfected your design, our labels printing will ensure that your labels look crisp, polished and ready for use.

A: Our product and packaging labels are a good pick for glass –if you are looking for waterproof labels, we’d recommend choosing the plastic material option. If you’re working with oils, our water-resistant labels or product labels have options that can work well for you.

A: You can upload designs in .jpg, .png and .pdf formats.